Culture of Crafting
I thoroughly enjoyed writing for Knit Culture Studio’s blog “Culture of Crafting”. Being a knitter, it was easy to find topics to write about that would interest other knitters. The trick was to write posts that were worthwhile to the reader (technique tutorial, book review, project ideas, etc.) while also selling the products we carry. My role as the blogger was to generate topic ideas, knit the samples or make the props, and work with the photographer on styling the photos to be used on each blog post.
“Extra Slouch by Jane Richmond” – August 2014
“The Man Cowl” – September 2014
“Moss & Deer Horns” – February 2014
“Sweet Squares Baby Blanket”May 2014
“The Pangolin Cowl”January 2014
“Silkwing Scarf”December 2013
“Ginkgo Shawl” – October 2013
“Five Great Gifts for Crafty Moms” May 2013
“Purl Yarnovers vs. Knit Yarnovers”January 2013
“Knitting on the Airplane”December 2012
“Meanwhile in Bavaria . . .” October 2012
“California Revival Knits”July 2012
“Windowpane French Press Cozy” May 2012
The Third Eye
In May 2014, we launched a brand new website for the West 3rd Street Business Association in tandem with a complete re-branding of the street. The new blog “The Third Eye” was used to share the backstories of the brick-and-mortar businesses, and as a place to share event info. My role was to write informational blog posts, set-up interviews between shop owners and guest bloggers, and format posts submitted by guest bloggers.
“Body Conscious: Southern California Fiber”September 2014
“SNIK on West 3rd Street”August 2014
“Cocktail Crafting at Carmela Ice Cream” – August 2014
“Form Beyond Function”June 2014
“Summer Sidewalk Sale” – June 2014
February 2011 – February 2013
Real Pro Systems creates SEO websites for realtors. Aside from webpage copy, I was contracted to ghostwrite blog posts for clients located all over the US, based on blog topics sent in by the client. The clients (real estate agents) were encouraged to provide as much information about the topic as possible. Invariably each blog post required additional web research and occasionally long-distance phone calls to dig up more details. These were fun to write:  I would start out completely disoriented, and by the last sentence I could lead a walking-tour of Tempe, Knoxville, Anchorage, Centerburg, etc.
“Here’s to Your Health: Mercer County Welcomes New Hospitals” – December 2012
“March 23rd – 25th, 2012: Greater La Crosse Home and Builders Show”March 2012
“Kirchenfest”October 2011
“Lowry Park Zoo” September 2011
“Huron River Day: Sunday, July 17th” – July 2011
“Michigan Brewer’s Guild Summer Beer Festival: July 22nd & 23rd, 2011”July 2011
“Centerburg, Ohio: The Heart of Ohio”April 2011

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